Mission Statement

To service our customers, employees, owners and the steel industry in a professional, ethical and profitable manner.

Values Statement

COMMITMENT - We will continue to work with the end result in mind in all that we do.  We will always keep our Mission Statement before us as a part of our commitment to ourselves and to our customers.  We will be involved with every aspect of our assignment and our customer to assure that they see, and that we know, of our commitment to the end result.

HONESTY - Honesty is telling the truth - in other words, conforming our words to reality.  Integrity is conforming reality to our words - in other words, keeping promises and fulfilling expectations.

INNOVATION - Being a leader in our field includes providing creative ideas to obtain the desired result of the customer.  We will strive to provide a creative approach in all of our design, implementation and service provided to customers.

PRIDE - The quality of our end product is a direct result of the pride that we take in the work that we do.  Every member’s efforts will strive towards customer satisfaction, proper fabrication, execution of our assigned tasks and a quality end result.  By achieving those items, we will show pride in all that we do.

ASSERTIVENESS - Our actions and results reflect our commitment to outstanding professional and personal quality.  Our efforts demonstrate our desire to have enthusiastic customer and employee relationships.

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Rio Hotel Voodoo Lounge
Las Vegas, NV
Perini Building Company
Rio Hotel Voodoo Lounge
Las Vegas, NV
Perini Building Company









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